When You Say Fees, Why Do You Charge It?

Lucky Cat Travel services include personalized travel advice based on expert professional knowledge, firsthand experience, and numerous resource partners. We invest our time researching, planning, and employing our worldwide travel network for each trip planned. We operated on a vendor commission-only basis for many years. So while LCT always officially had cancellation fees, we rarely charged them. Covid has changed everything.

For the past year, we've worked relentlessly. Re-scheduling guests sometimes two and even four times, claiming cruise credits, getting back deposits, researching new trips, and finding incredible travel opportunities for the future. These services have been time-saving and invaluable to all our clients but left us working for over a year for nothing but the promise of future reward and diminishing the value of earlier efforts. We save our clients hundreds of dollars. Our time-saving services and world-class dedication go far beyond making a simple travel reservation.

What Are Our Fees?

We have created two options to choose which level of our dedicated service you want for each trip. 

Option 1: Research & Design Free Package.

Research & Design Free Package includes up to 30 minutes of consultation and a maximum of 3 Free quotes.

To begin the professional services required to assist you in evaluating multiple potential travel options, Plan To Go Deposit is required. The deposit is non-refundable, but 100% is applied toward the cost of your vacation.

Plan to go deposit $150 for Quotes for Single Destination Vacations, All-Inclusive Resort Vacations, Cruises.

*Please note, while the Research & Design Free Package is free, some services below will require a fee should a guest find themselves needing to cancel or swap a vacation. After the first three free ones, additional quotes will require a $50 per cabin/room fee.

Option 2: Research & Design VIP Package
Research & Design VIP Package is for guests who need extra guidance and additional insight beyond choosing the right cruise or hotel. It is for those who wish to plan a more involved pre-or post-cruise-land package. It is for those who want us to research and arrange private transfers and for guests who want to have more detailed suggestions about what to do during their vacation regarding extra tours and restaurants.

VIP guests don't only receive a 30-minute initial consultation but unlimited time and access to ask questions and follow-up through to their departure.

Our Research & Design VIP Package fee is $200 per household and covers all segments of your trip.

*Please note, Complex travel itineraries require additional research and may be subject to additional fees.
** For clarity on which fee applies to you, we will discuss this during your initial Complimentary Planning Consultation.

Are There Any Additional Fees We Should Know About?

Cancellations (Non-Covid related) require a processing charge of $90 per room/cabin. This fee is independent of whether we can save you from suppliers' cancellation penalties or not. And is to cover the losses associated with time already spent on each booking as well as initiating and processing the cancellation itself.

A Cruise/Trip Swap (Non-Covid related) requires a processing charge of $60 per cabin/room. This administration fee is independent of any cruise line or any other vendor charges. This fee covers the time needed to process, re-book, and re-register the guest with all relevant vendors affected by a swap.

How Much Do I Have To Put Down To Book A Vacation?

You can book your trip by paying a small deposit. $250-$500 per person can lock down your reservation. Usually, final payments are due within 45-90 days of travel. However, there are times when payment in full is due upon booking.  

Why Should I Purchase Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend our clients consider purchasing Travel Insurance. Travel insurance is a plan that you are buying to help protect you from certain financial risks and medical coverage for unplanned situations. The cost of your policy is based on your age and the total price of your vacation. 

How Do I Book Your Group Trip, And Is There a Fee?

Our group trips each have their sign-up page. You can fill out the form associated with each group journey or contact us. If you already know what room category you want, what you want to do pre and post-cruise, and you want to handle most of your trip planning on your own, there is no fee. You can have 30 minutes of free consultation by scheduled appointment or just sending me an email with your questions. However, there is a $200 per cabin/room research and design fee if you need advice and assistance choosing a cabin, aren't sure what you want to do before and after the cruise, or perhaps want to customize parts of your trip. 

Can I Confirm Bookings Myself?

We are here to plan and design your travels from start to finish. Unfortunately, when reservations are confirmed by 2 or 3 different people, it is easy for dates, details, or times to get mixed up or fall through the cracks. To provide a seamless, stress-free experience and to ensure all details are in place for your vacation, we prefer to confirm all bookings on your behalf. We must have these details at our fingertips at all times. For both before and during your trip, ensure all details are confirmed. 

Do you have any questions that haven't been answered here?
Please contact us directly. We'd be happy to answer any additional questions that you might have about working with us.